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Bali Lounge


Bali Lounge was the vision of Gita Wirjawan, a professional banker originally trained as a pianist, who wanted to promote musicians in his native Indonesia. He was introduced to Singapore-based American guitarist Rick Smith by their mutual friend noted photographer Russel Wong.

The idea was to give Indonesian players a chance to work with international players and produce a kind of world music as unique as its varied roots.

Rick introduced Bruno Le Flanchec from France, a talented pianist and flutist who graduated from Berklee School of Music Suma Cum Laude in arranging and composition and Lewis Pragasam the Malaysian-born Indian drummer considered widely to be the finest in South East Asia. Gita recruited Tompi and Harry on vocals and bass respectively from Jakarta to complete the group.

A period of intense interaction followed with songs and ideas from all of the members. The gifted sound engineer Nicolas Rastoul was brought in to mix and oversee production. Thus, Bali Lounge was born.


People behind Bali Lounge

Teuku adi fitrian (tompi)
Singer, Song writer
His hobby in performance arts is apparent since childhood. He was actively involved in traditional Aceh music and dance performances. This hobby is an inseparable part of him.

Tompi gains confidence in performing, especially after he seeks professional guidance from Bertha and Tjut Deviana. After his busy day learning medicines and biology, he transforms into a soulful singer, singing in first class clubs and lounges around Jakarta.

Aside from singing and performing, Tompi found another musical talent that has been hidden, that is song writing. He always carries a small recorder or his cell-phone to record tunes that pop up whenever he is inspired by his surroundings.
brune le flanchec
Pianist, Flutis, Composer & Arranger
(Member of SACEM - French Copyright Association)
A truly talented musician in many facets, Bruno graduated from the Berklee School of Music in arranging and composition. Before and while teaching music at the French School in Singapore, Bruno has performed with various artists including Bill Hardman, Roger Guerin, and Guylenn Delassus.
lewis pragasam
Drums, Fullbright Scholar, Educator
Lewis Pragasam is one of the most accomplished and sought-after drummers in Asia and has become an icon and is hailed as a music legend. Lewis has garnered international and critical acclaim as one of Asia’s leading drum/percussion exponents and an innovator of new trends in World Music. Lewis the founder and moving spirit of the pioneering ASIABEAT project, started in 1979, whose recordings and performances are now legendary in the merging of Asian and Contemporary music styles.

Aside from his ASIABEAT project, he has toured/recorded with major internationally renowned artistes – John ‘Kaizan’ Neptune, Jeff Berlin, Paul Jackson, Randy Bernsen, Ernie Watts, Bob James, Nathan East, Tony Levin, Ottmar Liebert, Torninho Horta , amongst others. He was invited for a Royal Command Performance for HRH PRINCE CHARLES (Prince Trust Concert) in Edinburgh.

Pragasam received the prestigious ‘Fulbright Scholarship’ from the US government in 1990. He served as ‘Artiste in Residence’ for two years at East Carolina University as well as lecturing at various academic institutions all over the USA.

Lewis travels extensively presenting lecture/workshops at music institutions around the world. Major US music publisher MEL BAY will publish and distribute his first set of educational products – a testament to his outstanding caliber as an internationally recognized music educator.
nicolas rastoul
Sound Engineers
An accomplished bassist, Nicolas has also become one of the best sound engineers in Singapore.

He has been involved in many projects in the Southeast Asian Region
rick smith
Rick Smith is an accomplished jazz guitarist who has recorded and played with many international artists on stage in the United States, Asia and Southeast Asia. His resume of activities in the United States is as follows: Anchorage Sheraton, Anchorage, Alaska, Carl Sally Band (1979 to 1981); Anchorage Sheraton, Anchorage, Alaska; Chuck Conelly Quartet (1981 to 1982); Tiki Cove, Anchorage, Alaska; Rick Smith Trio/ChromaZone Instructor, Adjunct Music Faculty, University of Alaska (1982 to 1985).

In 1992 Rick joined the Monteiro Music in Singapore as Associate Music Director. In this capacity, he again worked with many Singapore musicians such as Christina Ong, Jacintha Abisheganaden, and visiting foreign artists such as Ernie Watts, Teramatsu Hino and Eugene Pao.
Harry Toledo
Bass, Composer & Arranger
A virtuous bass player, Harry has performed with many of the Indonesian prominent musicians and bands, including Idang Rasyidi Quartet, Ireng Maulana Combo, Hentriessa Band, and the Groove. Rich in funk and swing, Harry has helped accentuate Bali Lounge's beat. His other project involvements including Bali Lounge and "OPP and Friends" have reflected not only his virtuousity but also his added diversity as to dwell into other genres of music.



Track Listing

1. BALI MOOD by Rick Smith
2. ANGELS OF THE ISLAND by Nicolas Rastoul
3. SOMETHING'S WRONG by Bruno Le Flanchec/Teuku Adi Fitrian/Rick Smith/Marina Xavier
4. WHEN THE SUN COMES DOWN by Bruno Le Flanchec
5. NAGER AVEC LES DAUPHINS by Nicolas Rastoul
6. APA Teuku Adi Fitrian/Bibus
7. FOR GIL by Rick Smith
8. ARE YOU HERE WITH ME by Teuku Adi Fitrian/Rick Smith
9. FLOATING WORLD by Rick Smith
10. NU GROOVE by Rick Smith
11. HIP NOT HOP by Rick Smith

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Live Performances Highlight
Java Jazz Festival 2005, 2006
Bali Jazz Festival 2005
Jak Jazz Festival 2006


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