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Inner Beauty



When the band called Noisia was first formed on October 18, 2004, they played top 40 music in several cafes in Surabaya. When they got bored playing the music of other bands, Noisia started to change their direction and tried to play their own songs, so that they can set their place on the Surabaya indie music scene.

Like other bands with different visions among band members, they had to suffer many replacements of band personnel, until there’s only 2 original members left, namely Dana (vocal) and Kristo (bass). But they insisted on keeping their original members by hanging on to their additional keyboardist Roseno and making him as their permanent member in the band so that they can continue with Noisia. Because they don’t have any drummer and guitarist, the band had to make an audition. They found Nandry as their permanent drummer. The band only needed an additional guitarist for the making of the demo.

After they finished the demo, Noisia moved to Jakarta to offer their demo to several major labels. Finally, under Magenta management and Araya Putra Production, Noisia was able to do the recording. During the recording process, Noisia changed their name because the name Noisia had a "noisy" connotation to it. Since December 2006, Noisia officially reincarnated into KEN which means "strong" in Japanese and handsome in Irish. It was not surprising they chose the name, since the band was heavily inspired by Japanese and British bands.

Other things that also happened during the recording process, is the presence of new guitarist, Ijal, who replaced the former leadguitarist as permanent member. They believed this is the best formation they have. The Band now consisted of: Dana as vocal, Kristo as bassist, Roseno on keyboard, Nandry on drum and Ijal the guitarist.

They have participated in many music events in Jakarta, until recently they performed on the Andi Rianto Album Launching. KEN then received an offer for contract with a recording company named Omega Pacific. That’s just a glimpse of KEN’s journey in the Indonesian music industry.

People behind KEN

Yosua Andi Perdana Putra



Track Listing

1. Honey
2. Batas waktu
3. Jalan lain ke hatimu
4. Nona
5. Maaf jika dia terluka
6. Dilarang Menangis!
7. Cinta yang takkan kembali
8. Berharap dirimu
9. Wanita
10. Kesetiaan   

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