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Nial Djuliarso - New Day New Hope


Here's a little story behind the album:

After I graduated from Berklee in May of 2004, I wanted to document my experiences by recording an album of my original compositions.

In this venture I worked with two gifted musicians, Warren and Yashushi. I’ve known them since I first started at Berklee in 1999.

Warren is a multi-instrumentalist. His primary instrument is vibes, and he plays piano and bass too. He reacts instantly to whatever one does musically, so it was a pleasure to play with him. He always listened and responded musically to all my nuances.

I love Yasushi's sound and he really understands his role as a bass player, which is to support whoever he's playing with. So it was easy to play with him.

We had 2 or 3 rehearsals before proceeding to the studio. Since my songs are pretty straight forward, there wasn’t too much confusion. So the recording went pretty smooth.

I'm happy that I'm finally releasing this album, which was recorded in 2004. My first album, "Nial Djuliarso at Juilliard", was more in the smooth jazz/easy listening genre. In this album I tried to have more exploration. Hope you enjoy the music and find at least one song that you can play again and again.

Here is a little background story about the songs I wrote.

HORACE - This song was inspired by one of my all time favorite pianist/composer/band leader, Horace Silver. Being a person with unique funky personality, I used a jazz rock feel to the song.

MEMORIES - This song was written to depict the many memories that a person acquires throughout his life.

MR.SILVER – this song is another tribute to the great Horace Silver.

REMINISENCE - Sometimes life moves too fast and we need to stop and look back at our experiences.

SONG FOR FAMILY – Just as Horace Silver wrote a song called song for my father, I wrote one in honor of my family.

SABDA ALAM - My mother first introduced me to this song composed by Ismail Marzuki, I have played a number of his music since.

HIP HOP HOPPING - A song inspired with the samba feel. 

TODAY FOR TOMORROW -  Inspired by the blues, this song speaks of each person’s effort each day as an essential preparation for tomorrow.

MUTIASARI - This song was composed for a very special person in my life whom I met in New York.

NEW DAY NEW HOPE - We have to believe that as each day comes, there is this inspiring hope within us for something better.

HI-LO - A song with funky beat that I wrote at the tender age of 16. 

MY SMOOTH ONE – A song I’ve done in the "smooth jazz" vein. This happened to win an award from the American songwriting competition in 2005.


People behind Nial Djuliarso album

Nial Djuliarso
Pianist/vocalist Nial Djuliarso received a bachelor’s degree from Berklee, Boston, MA, and a Jazz Diploma from Juilliard in New York. He’s studied with Kenny Barron, Danilo Perez, Wycliffe Gordon, Joe Lovano, Wynton Marsalis, Benny Golson, Hank Jones, Joanne Barckeen, and others. He’s performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland, Jazz at Lincoln center in New York, and others. Nial thanks his parents, brothers Marko and Othman, his friends Thomas Conway and Thom Middlebrook for all their support.
Percussionist/Drummer Warren Wolf also studied at Berklee in Boston. He studied with many prestigious musicians including Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Nicholas Payton, Mulgrew Miller, Lewis Nash, Terri-Lyne Carrington, Bobby Watson, Roy Hanynes, and Danilo Perez. Warren will be releasing his next independent record in the very near future titled “RAW” and can be found on many other recording releases.
Yasushi Nakamura
Bassist Yasushi Nakamura received a bachelor degree from Berklee, Boston, MA, and a Jazz Diploma from Juilliard in New York. He has performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival, Carnegie Hall, Monterey Jazz Festival, and at venues all over the world including many prestigious Jazz Festival. He has played with Carl Allen, Darren Barret, Victor Goines, Wycliff Gordon, Benny Golson, Dominick Farinacci, Stefon Harris, Eric Harland, Hank Jones, Wynton Marsalis, Myron Walden, Herlin Riley, Loren Schoenberg, and Phil Wilson and others.



New Day New Hope

Track Listing

1. Horace
2. Memories
3. Mr. Silver
4. Reminisence
5. Song For Family, Nial Djuliarso
6. Sabda Alam
7. Hip-Hop Hopping
8. Today For Tomorrow
9. Mutiasari
10. New Day New Hope
11. Hi-Lo
12. My Smooth One


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Live Performances Highlight
Java Jazz Festival 2006
Mosaic Music Festival, Singapore 2006
Erasmus Huis, 2003


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