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Company Overview
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Omega Pacific Production (OPP) was set up to serve as a platform for musical talents in Indonesia and the Southeast Asian Region so that they can network with each other as to enrich their creative capacities.

As we all know, many musicians, notwithstanding talent, find it difficult to break through the scene mainly because of financial or other constraints. OPP strives to alleviate these musicians of those constraints by assisting them from the early through final stages of production. Through financial assistance and leveraging off its network of talents and distribution partners, OPP has and will be involved in taking them to the next level of recording and performance successes.

The creative capacity of the musicians continues to expand as can be seen and heard throughout the albums that OPP has been privileged to produce.

OPP is committed to providing financial assistance, from part of the net proceeds of the album sale, to university students seeking financial aid at top universities in Indonesia.

Letter from Our Director

Dear Friends,

The advent of Omega Pacific Production (OPP) was by way of realization of the fact that there is a wealth of musical talent in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia. These young talents deserve every bit of chance for exposure in the greater music scene.

OPP is extremely proud to have been associated with the production of 3 albums, which genres include smooth jazz, lounge, R&B, pop, and soul. Starting with Cherokee, our first album that tries to emulate the feel and touch of music created by world renowned smooth jazz musicians like Dave Grusin, David Benoit, Spyro Gyra, Bob James, and others. The album also has pop and soul renditions that would sound like familiar ballads in Indonesia.

Bali Lounge, which is our second album, has lounge characteristics and was crafted by musicians from Indonesia, Malaysia, France, and the US.
The album has a number of unique sounds from Aceh, Bali, and India which are blended with typical western instrumentation. Some of us think of it as the Southeast Asian version of the Buddha Bar series. The result being wide receipt among fans across the pop, jazz, and lounge genre fans. Not to mention a 2005 MTV award nomination for best newcomer.

"T" or "Tompi" is our third album and is original of Tompi who was instrumental in voicing some of the songs in the Bali Lounge album.
Wide ranging songs that are rich in vocal reach but also reminds many of
us of influences by Stevie Wonder, John Legend, or Usher on Tompi.
The album has attained wide recognition amongst the different genres and serves a mere hint of the far distance that Tompi will go.

All three albums have had chart topping experiences in local and regional radio stations. OPP's spectrum is somewhat broad in music and is likely to broaden even further. With more albums in the making, OPP is to try to dwell in more genres that would hopefully make it a platform for, very simply, good and easily listenable music.

Underway are a couple of albums which involve 2 very exciting musicians "Nial Djuliarso at Juilliard", an acoustical jazz recording of many popular tunes. And "OPP and Friends featuring Bob James", a recording of new originals by the Maestro with friends in this part of the world.

OPP wants to thank its musicians, friends, supporting staff, and all its partners especially Sony Music Indonesia (Cherokee), Forte/Aquarius (Bali Lounge), E-Motion ("T" or "Tompi"), Surya Citra Media (SCM). Without them, we would not be as far as we have gone so far.

The objective of OPP once again is to provide a platform for aspiring musicians to gain greater exposure. En route of such endeavor, it can also provide some economic flexibility. Last but not least, OPP also espouses a mission of allocating a meaningful degree of its net proceeds to charitable organizations for higher educational purposes.

Check out this website for who and what we are, and of course for what's coming next.

Personal Best Regards,
Gita Wirjawan


Latest News

05 February 2005 ~ 10.00am
Gita Wirjawan's podcast now available from this links. You can also buy our music from iTunes.

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